Volunteers- the unsung heroes

I am so amazed by our volunteers at St. Helena Food Bank Outreach. They are steadfast and ready to help out. When deliveries come early and no one is there to help, our earliest volunteer, Dave, has it covered. He is enthusiastic in his desire to have everything in order when our Food Bank opens at 9 am. Clients comes early and he is ready.

Enough cannot be said about those area parishes who supply enough food to stake our shelves.

At this moment I am thinking of the Portuguese Community provides cooked meals for our shut-ins; Good Counsel in Southampton who came with a filled U-Haul, filled with turkey dinners for over one hundred families. Then there is St. Rose’s who visited us twice this week with an over-abundance of food including turkeys. The drivers leave early in the morning and help to go down those cement steps into the convent basement. There there is Mary Mother of the Redeemer who come down with such a generous overflowing abundance of food. Also St. William’s , St. Joseph in Cheltenham, and of course, St. Helena.

I invite you to visit our Food Bank tab on this website to see the hard work many of our volunteers engage in when we are open. There is a big shout-out to Caring for Friends, and Phi-labundance who provide fresh and frozen food for those in need.

God is good and God provides for those in need through many.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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