Liminal Space 2021

So here we are… in between: Covid -19 surge and vaccine; in between, awaiting… awaiting what lies ahead in the new year, … awaiting family visits? awaiting healing? awaiting a stimulus, awaiting employment, awaiting a new political landscape? Awaiting…. a new heaven and a new earth. What is my part, what is our part in the creating of the new heaven and the new earth?

We are tempted to think that waiting is be useless, or …is it helpful? In this time of seemingly empty space, we could ask is it really a transition? Can we enter transition wholeheartedly? Can we hand ourselves over to allow ourselves to become, and have we dreamed enough of our becoming? Have we asked God to see anew, to be anew? Can we allow ourselves to let go of what we know to travel the world of the unknown? Are we brave enough to let go and let ourselves become? The liminal space is a becoming space. Can I, will I; can you, will you be brave enough, love enough to await?

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