Cardinal Cupich: Laudato Si’ calls us to economic and spiritual conversion

Full text of the Chicaco cardinal’s speech at biennial climate conference

Laudato Si’ needs to be understood as a renewed call to conversion, to respond to Jesus’ invitation to think differently about human beings, life, society and our relationship with nature

In the middle of a swirl of energy pulling us in all directions, we need an anchor to help us think and act and be aright. The Gospel messages are a great help and can guide us as we look to Jesus’ words and example. We can also look to the encyclicals which apply the words of Scripture to the challenges and confusions of our day. The Church, the Universal Church, is beginning an effort to help engage dioceses and parishes to prayerfully move into action around the encyclical, Laudatio Si. Let us all remember that we are disciples of Jesus and that he desires us to be his promise of Good News to the World.

We are invited to economic and spiritual conversion as we strive to keep in mind the needs of all, the needs of creation for the common good. Click on the link above to read Cardinal Cupich message.

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