About St. Helena Outreach Ministries

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The Door to Outreach

St. Helena Outreach Ministries, located at 5th and Godfrey in Philadelphia is managed by S. Anna Marie Lesutis, RSM, RN and S. Maryanne Zakreski, SSJ. Our mission is to serve needs in the surrounding communities located around the Olney section of Philadelphia, PA. The Outreach center is supported by our volunteers, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, generous benefactors including but not limited to St. Joseph, St. William, St. Rose, Mary Mother Redeemer. We have a robust community to help with food services including service to area shut-ins.

S. Anna Marie moderates our health service outreach. Volunteers are in regular contact with are shut-ins. She partner’s regularly with Casa Del Carmen, La Salle students and are health services for out reach to clients who visit the food bank.

The Outreach Center also supplies connection to legal and community services. It is also an education center which offers ESL and Citizenship Classes when possible.